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Terms and Conditions

Please notice our terms and conditions wiich you can see here as pdf-document.
The conditions for ageny by Kaplan Reisen can be found here.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Documents to be carried:
In Turkey, certain documents must always be kept in the vehicle. These are: Vehicle registration, Information on the owner, Information on insurance.

Tourists in Turkey do not need international driving license, or a translation of their driving license.
Turkey Motor home Rental Driver of a vehicle must possess a valid driver's license and carry.

Motorhome Insurance:

All vehicles must have in Turkey through a minimum car insurance.
All registered car rental company offers a comprehensive insurance included.
Personal insurance is not usually part of the rent and must be completed separately as needed.
Tourists should first check if you are already adequately covered by travel insurance.

Turkey Motorhome Rental Accidents

Accidents involving damage to vehicles or persons were injured, should immediately be reported to local police and the car owner.
The insurance required for vehicle or personal injury, police and alcohol report.
If these documents to the car rental company are not submitted by the tenant, the tenant for the cost of repairs etc. be held responsible.

Parking in Turkey for self drivers:

In the cities, it is advisable to park at public parking places.

Frequently Asked Questions II:

Drunk driving with Motor home in Turkey The alcohol limit is very low, to be sure it is advisable to not drink alcoholic drinks at yourself when you enter a vehicle.
A breath test by police to be routinely carried out after each accident and the penalties for drunk driving are very high.
The no parking signs the streets are often difficult to interpret for tourists or missing.
However, penalties can Illegal parking or vehicles may be imposed in disregard of the parking restriction will be towed.

Turkey Motorhomes Rental Speed Limit

It is not always appropriate to the speed limit signs, so it is advisable to adhere to the following rules:
In towns: 50km / h or as indicated on signs
Outside of cities on regular roads and two-lane: 90km / h
Highway: 120km / h

Street signs

Street signs in Turkey are adapted to European design and clearly visible in the rule.
All historical sites are well signposted.

Traffic behavior

The traffic behavior is normal in Turkey
You will experience only a few critical situations.

Road works

The signs of construction sites in Turkey is not very good. Diversions are not signposted, you should always carry a map. RV rentals in turkey, Motorhome rentals in Turkey

Frequently Asked Questions III:

Motorway tolls : Most roads in Turkey are free passable. The only exceptions are some highways and bridges, the Bosphorus. The tolls are not high.

Traffic Police

Controls are quite common in Turkey and are mostly built up behind a hill without any warning signs.
Drive slowly enough to remain you stand on the invitation. Remain
You are sitting in the vehicle and be prepared to provide the vehicle documents.
Do not argue with the police, even if you have not done anything wrong, you will be required to pay all fines and ask for a receipt for payments made.
Violations of traffic rules Most of the penalties may be paid directly You can always issue a receipt.
Penalties are not paid immediately, is usually transmitted at the Admissions Office, this can take several months.
All penalties incurred rent for the period in which the vehicle was tenants may be subsequently charged.

Additional drivers

Only registered drivers are insured in the contract and may result in the vehicle.

Passports, Visas & Health Requirements

You are solely responsible for abiding by all rules that apply in conjunction with your holiday. You are liable for any negative incidents that occur where you have not acted in line with these rules or in a way which causes offence or danger to other holidaymakers and / or their property.